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Our team at Salazar Investigations serves our clients with the highest quality private investigations services available.

We make it our goal to provide you with the most efficient solutions to your investigative needs, our service is aimed at helping you make the informed decisions you need for your unique case.

Our investigators will provide you with all the pertinent information after your investigation is concluded, this includes all reports, photographs, video tapes, voice recordings and statements gathered during the investigation. We equip all of our investigators with state-of-the-art technology and training to aid in accomplishing your investigative goals.

Our team is proud of our ability to provide the best investigative service. In order to maintain this level of service, our investigators frequently learn and train new techniques to stay on top of the ever-changing world of Private Investigations.

Our team will work diligently throughout your investigation, we will dedicate ourselves to providing your case with the attention to detail it deserves. We make it our priority to ensure you receive only the best results available for your case along with a premier client experience. Our investigators work within the law to ensure that the evidence gathered during your investigation is legal and will be able to stand in court if the need arises. We will work with your best interest in mind, so you can be assured that our team will make decisions that will benefit your case the most.


Our investigators help protect our clients from fraudulent insurance claims. When you have doubts, our team will hit the field and provide you with the evidence you need to either support or deny your suspicions.

Let us use your experience and training to help you prevent costly losses due to fraud. We will provide you with a professionally written report as well as video and photo evidence for your claims.


Over the years, the investigative team at Salazar Investigations has conducted countless Slip and Fall investigations for both defendants and plaintiffs. We truly understand that accidents happen, but oftentimes a serious slip and fall can be traced back directly to another personís negligence whether it be the plaintiff or the defendant. However, not every slip and fall claim is identical to the others, while there are individuals whose negligence could have led to an accident, there are also individuals willing to take advantage of a potential opening. This is where our investigative team comes in to help, our team is the diligent eye you need on your side to help you find the evidence and supporting facts to determine the validity of your claim.


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